Full Body Electric Cryotherapy by Mecotec in Ormond Beach, FL

Full Body Electric Cryotherapy by Mecotec in Ormond Beach, FL

Full Body Electric Cryotherapy by Mecotec is a cutting-edge treatment designed to expose the entire body to cool temperatures for a short duration using electric cooling technology. This method differs from nitrogen-based cryotherapy in that it eliminates using nitrogen gas and focuses instead on an electrically powered system that cools the body evenly and safely. The treatment targets the whole body, making its approach to wellness and recovery comprehensive. It mainly benefits athletes, those recovering from physical exertion, or anyone seeking general wellness by stimulating natural bodily responses to cold.

Full Body Electric Cryotherapy by Mecotec in Ormond Beach, FL, is suitable for individuals looking to enhance recovery times, reduce inflammation, and improve overall well-being. Results can typically be observed shortly after treatment, with some individuals noticing improvements in recovery and energy levels immediately. The longevity of results varies depending on frequency and individual health status, but regular sessions can extend and enhance these benefits. We encourage you to book an appointment at Divine Biohack Center in Ormond Beach, FL, and discover how it can enhance your health routine.

Benefits of Full Body Electric Cryotherapy by Mecotec:


Full-body electric cryotherapy by Mecotec can benefit anyone seeking to improve their physical recovery, manage pain, reduce inflammation, or enhance overall wellness. It is particularly beneficial for athletes, those with chronic pain, and individuals seeking noninvasive health boosts.

Improvements such as increased energy and reduced soreness occur almost immediately following a session of full-body electric cryotherapy by Mecotec. Regular sessions can enhance these effects.

The duration of the results from whole-body electric cryotherapy by Mecotec varies by individual. Still, the benefits can generally last several days to weeks, depending on the frequency of sessions.

No downtime is required after undergoing full-body electric cryotherapy by Mecotec, allowing individuals to return to their daily activities immediately. Some may experience temporary numbness or redness of the skin, but these effects subside quickly.

Before undergoing entire-body electric cryotherapy by Mecotec, it is recommended to be well-hydrated and wear dry, loose-fitting clothing. After treatment, engaging in light exercise or a warm shower can enhance circulation and extend the benefits of the session.

During a whole-body electric cryotherapy session by Mecotec, you will stand in a specialized chamber that cools the air around you to extremely low temperatures for 2 to 3 minutes. You may feel chilly, but the process is quick and tolerable, and safety measures are strictly adhered to.

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