StimaWELL Mat®

StimaWELL Mat®

The StimaWELL Mat® is an innovative service offered by Divine Biohack Center in Ormond Beach, FL, designed to deliver dynamic deep stimulation through a mat that contains 12 channels and 24 electrodes. This service is ideal for those seeking relief from muscle tension, improving circulation, and enhancing overall well-being. The StimaWELL Mat® operates by emitting mid-frequency electrical stimulation in a wave-like motion, which penetrates deeply into the muscles, providing a therapeutic and relaxing experience. It can treat various body areas, including the back, neck, shoulders, and legs. The treatment suits individuals with muscle pain, athletes seeking recovery, or anyone looking to improve their physical health.

Results are typically observed after a few treatments with StimaWELL Mat®, with optimal outcomes observed after a consistent treatment plan. While results can last for a variety of timeframes, many experience prolonged relief following a series of treatments. To discover the benefits of StimaWELL Mat® for yourself, we invite you to book an appointment at Divine Biohack Center and experience the path to improved health and relaxation.

Benefits of StimaWELL Mat® include:


Individuals experiencing muscle pain, athletes, and anyone looking to enhance their physical well-being are good candidates for StimaWELL Mat®.

Results can often be felt after the first few sessions, with optimal benefits observed after a consistent treatment regimen.

The longevity of results varies per individual, but many enjoy prolonged relief after a series of treatments.

There is no downtime, and side effects are minimal to none, making it a convenient option for most people.

It’s recommended to be hydrated before the treatment and to relax after the session to maximize the benefits.

During the treatment, you can expect to feel a gentle, rhythmic electrical stimulation as the mat targets different muscle groups.

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